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Introductory Flight Training
If you're new to flying, you can get a trial run of training with our certificated flight instructors and our aircraft with through one of our Discovery Flight options. You can get a taste of our flight training and general aviation as one of our instructors guides you in actually taking the controls of the aircraft to see if flying is right for you. All discovery flight options include a certificate or training with instructor endorsements. The training time in these packages can be applied towards a recreational or private pilot certificate. See each package below or contact us for complete details.
Basic Discovery Flight Package   $79.00
A staple in the industry, this standard familiarization lesson includes one 30-minute pre-flight ground lesson and 30 minutes of flight instruction in one of our Cessna 172 aircraft. In the airplane, you will be introduced to ground operations, take-off, climbs, turns, descents, and landing.
Ultimate Discovery Flight Package   $499.00
A very in-depth exploration of our training program, this advanced familiarization package includes two formal ground lessons and three flight lessons, totaling 4 hours of ground instruction and 2.5 hours of flight instruction in a Cessna 172. In the classroom, you recieve instruction on general aviation, licensing, our programs, human factors, and airplane systems. In the airplane, you will be introduced to ground operations, take-offs, climbs, turns, descents, slow flight, stalls, and landings.
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