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Renter Qualifications
In order to fly our aircraft as PIC, all renters must meet the following requirements. Please note that there are no renter requirements for renting with one of our CFIs on board.
Aircraft Make/Model Qualifications
Cessna 172 Skyhawk Student Pilot (with CFI Endorsement) OR Private Pilot (ASEL).
Cessna 172RG Cutlass Private Pilot (ASEL), Complex Airplane. 100 hours Total Time, 10 hours Complex Airplane*, 3 in Make/Model.
Beechcraft B-55 Baron Private Pilot (AMEL), Instrument Airplane, Complex Airplane. 250 hours Total Time, 25 hours Multi-Engine Airplane*, 15 in Make/Model*.
*In lieu of these times, a renter can receive a minimum of 5 hours of instruction in the aircraft from one of our CFIs.

Renter's Insurance
We do not require our renter's--both students and licensed pilots--to maintain their own renter's insurance policies in order to fly our aircraft as PIC. Our renter's are automatically covered under our company policy. This policy, provided by our insurance vendor, offers coverage only if the renter meets our minimum requirements above and has been checked out in our aircraft by one of our CFI staff.
Coverage Included in Rental
• Liability coverage up to $25,000.00 per occurance.
• Hull coverage in favor of the Renter after deductible is met.
• Hull deductible is $2,500.00 per occurance.
Renter is responsible for the deductible amount in the event of damage to the aircraft while the renter is Pilot-in-Command. When the renter is recieving instruction from one of our CFIs on board the aircraft, the company is responsible for the deductible.
The coverage under our company policy is often enough for most students. However, many renter/non-owner policies provided by third-party sources can offer lower deductibles, higher liability limits, and even medical coverage options. Also, having your own Renter/Non-Owner's Insurance will earn you a discount on our airplane rental rates. Click on an insurance provider logo below to get more information, a quote, and to buy online.

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